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e-vac technologies
The e-vac™ DPS is a remarkably simple, yet sophisticated, reliable, and highly efficient dry vacuum pump. A unique rotary screw design, ultra clean gas purged seals, and no oil lubricants within the pumping chambers make this dry pump very e-nvironmentally friendly.

The e-vac™ DPS can handle corrosives, organics, inorganics, and solvents because of its oil-free non-contacting screw design. As a result of this design, the pump has a long life span without any internal wearing parts.
The shafts and screws, being one solid piece, allow for the safest, most problem-free design unlike other units where corrosion can occur between the screw rotor and shaft, in tappings on the screws, etc.

With the gas enclosed between the screw flights and then axially transferred to the discharge, there isn't a chance of contaminating valuable solvents, products, or the environment.
Our systems, ideal for vapor recovery of process chemicals and solvents, are the ultimate system to have - saving energy, emissions, and operating costs.

The screw units can also be either direct cooled or indirect cooled depending on the application. An optional air cooling arrangement can even be provided to simplify the installation. for larger image...
Our screw vacuum pumps are manufactured to ISO 9001-2000 standards and are ATEX compliant. They are backed by more than 50 years of vacuum technology and a dedicated service network. Our commitment to excellence and customer service is unmatched. We are fully staffed with a knowledgeable sales force and engineering expertise to provide total and timely support for all of your vacuum needs.
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